Perfectly normal, thank you very much…

After recently watching all 8 Harry Potter Movies in 48 hours, and reading all 7 books in 7 days I tweeted my thanks to JK Rowling, for not only creating but sharing this magical world with us all. “There won’t be a child in our world, who doesn’t know his name” and for the most part, this is in fact true, as confirmed to me with the floods of comments, retweets and likes that my message gained in less than 24 hours alone.

The so called “Harry Potter Generation” is still going strong 22 years on from the publication of the first book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. A tale of a young boy who learns that he is a wizard. We follow Harry’s adventures as he navigates his first year in the magical world and attends the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but all is not as it seems when Potter learns about the true circumstances surrounding his parent’s death. It is easy to see why this story would be a thrilling read, let alone keep the world hanging on to every word throughout 6 further books.

For somebody, who doesn’t follow any other fantasy, magical series or franchise, why has the Harry Potter bug captured my head and my heart?

Firstly, the unknown. Sitting down to read the first book, for me, was many many years ago. I was probably classed as a late starter because I would have only been aged 4 when the first book was published yet it is the first book I ever remember appearing on my bookshelf. I have always had an overactive imagination and been interested in literature, so the fact I was reading about a potential secret world thrilled me and still does to this day.

The characters. Everybody loves a hero. Of course we do, Harry being our ultimate hero by saving the world year after year, however what is a hero without his trusty sidekicks and advisors? Hermione Granger proved to all girls whether they be muggle, magical or anything in-between, that books and cleverness are as important as friendship and loyalty. Ron Weasley is the easy to love, kind, funny and boisterous best friend, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for the youngest Weasley son. Combined with the rich supporting characters we find and soon learn to love or hate, who make up Harry’s friends, teachers and enemies, it is extremely hard to pick just one favourite which for me, makes the story even better. Each time you return, you pick up new traits, and interpret things differently allowing the characters to grow and change.

The Power, this tale provides you with a whirlwind of emotions. Unlike some plots, Rowling mirrors the troubles we have in every day muggle life, with difference of opinions, race issues and power surges, but reflects them in such a way that keeps us interested with magical alternatives until the very last moments. A swish of a wand, and one of your favourite characters could be gone, forever. A pain we all live through in a number of the books and in real life but minus the wand for the majority. 

I hold my hands up and proudly claim that I am huge “Potterhead” and adore not only the 7 books but the 8 movies created alongside Rowling’s supervision. Whether you opt to fall into the magical world through word, or screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

“I Solemnly Swear, That I Am Up To No Good”

Fred and George Weasley

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